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Why Consider Makeup Services?

With the most innovative products and some of the top beauty experts in Austin, you can rest assured that you’ll leave our salon looking flawless and feeling confident. We offer both in-salon and on-site services for bridal hair and makeup in Austin.

From bold and head-turning to subtly stunning, the right makeup can make a special day more so. From your engagement party to the big day itself, the right makeup, applied by an expert, can enhance your natural beauty and help you shine.

Big events come with a long to-do list that usually leaves little time for applying your own makeup. There’s also the fact that while many women are well-practiced at applying makeup for everyday needs, you really want your special day to be, well, special, and that includes your makeup. Our expert makeup artists can help!

We never attempt to “cover up” – it’s always about augmenting and building on your own beauty. We help reveal your natural glow without going overboard.

Most salons require you to step through their doors before they can help you, but that’s not the case with Salon Vibe Austin. We understand that your schedule is already jam-packed, and adding yet one more thing to the list could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

If you can’t make it into our North Austin location, we’re happy to come to you. Our on-site services ensure that you’re able to benefit from the skills of our professional makeup artists while reducing your stress.

Planning your special event, engagement party, or wedding celebration? We’re happy to combine an on-site makeup session with an on-site hair styling, helping make your big day that much more enjoyable.

Our makeup artists take into account more than just skin tone, hair color, eye color, and face structure. They also look at skin texture, and will even speak with you about sensitivities to particular ingredients. Our goal is to ensure you look picture-perfect while avoiding products that might cause skin sensitivity.

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