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Add A Touch Of Color To Your Hair With Highlights!

Salon Vibe offers a full range of color services including full and partial foil highlights.

Everyone has probably seen a woman in a salon with little pieces of foil on her head at some time. Do you know what type of color she is having done? It’s called highlighting, and it can be done in either a full or partial foil.

Good highlights can add dimension to your color and give you a more natural look. When hair does not have any color on it, it is full of lights and darks, plenty of natural highlights from the sun. However, when you add an all over color to our hair, you often lose all of that depth. Yet, you don’t have to! Highlights are here to save the day.

The process of traditional highlighting involves separating pieces of hair from the head. Developer is placed on the strands, and they are then wrapped in foil. The pieces of foil give the stylist control of exactly where the color is going on your head.

When you look at our Services, you may notice that foil highlights are broken down into two categories: full and partial. What is the difference?

Partial highlights, as the name implies, are only on part of your hair. They are generally on the hair around the face, giving you a framing effect that brightens your overall look. Partials work well for hair that is lighter or for those that had a full highlight recently and just need a boost.

Full highlights give you color all over your head, front and back. If you have very dark hair and you are adding bright or drastic highlights, you will likely want to go for a full foil. Otherwise, you may end up with a discordant look.

A good rule of thumb for your highlights is to start with a full, then alternate between partials and full on your following visits. This will keep your hair looking fantastic all year long. And don’t forget to check out our Balayage or Ombré services to see if one of these coloring options might be a great fit for you!

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