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Enjoy A New & Exciting Look With Balayage!

Remember the zebra stripe highlights popular in the 1990s? Yeah…we all do. Now you can get your fill of highlights without having to worry about having a head full of perfect stripes. Meet the game-changing technique called balayage.

Look like you just spent the summer on a beach in Greece getting perfectly sun-kissed. The word balayage means “to paint” in French, and it allows the stylist to give you the natural-looking highlights you desire. The process starts with very thin highlighted pieces at the scalp that gradually become thicker and bolder towards the ends. Most of the dye will be kept on the surface of the hair and not penetrating throughout the section which is how you avoid those chunky stripes.

Balayage gives you a softer look that is much less noticeable during the growing out stage than traditional highlights. It basically emulates the way the sun would naturally lighten your hair making it appear natural even as it is growing out.

You have likely seen this style all over the red carpet and the runway. Gisele Bundchen was seen with a combination of balayage and ombre that gives her a gorgeous looking caramel color to her flowing waves. Actress Mindy Kaling presented at an award show with a dark brown base and crimson and honey brown balayage highlights. Even blondes can get in on the balayage action. Actress Blake Lively is known to sport a buttery and golden balayage look. The technique is also a popular way to add vibrant colors like blue, red, and green to the hair.

In order to create these stunning looks, your stylist will free-hand paint your highlights onto your hair which is why it is important to get this look from an experienced stylist. Our balayage experts at Salon Vibe are well-versed in this technique which means you can go as daring as you like with confidence.

If you are ready to explore the nearly endless color combinations that are available with balayage, it is time to make an appointment at Salon Vibe. You can use our appointment button above or if you prefer to discuss the process, give us a call at 512-660-5025. We are ready to give you the gorgeous sun-kissed hair you desire!

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