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Need A Little More Color In Your Life? Try Ombré!

Salon Vibe in Austin, Texas offers a full range of color services including the popular Ombré style seen on celebrities and pop stars.

The word Ombré comes from the French, and it means shading or shaded. In the hair world, the term refers to a particular style that is darker at the roots and gets lighter at the ends. It is an excellent style for people that want a low-maintenance color that doesn’t require running to the salon every couple of weeks.

Ombré looks amazing on pretty much anyone, and it is the perfect solution for the person that wants to try out a little color but isn’t ready to go all the way. There is less upkeep because of the darker roots, and it can also be a good way to transition to another color.

Achieving the look is generally a two-step process. It starts with an all over base color, and then the highlights are added on top. Hair will be darkest at the scalp, and it will gradually get lighter and lighter towards the tips.

When you hear the word Ombré, you probably instantly think of brown roots brightening to blond ends. However, that isn’t the only thing you can do with the style. Many people choose to have a natural color as their base then transition into a color that is a lot more fun like pink, lavender, or turquoise. Have fun and experiment!

If Ombré might not be the best style for you, try Balayage! We are confident that the best Austin hair salon has the perfect fit!

Celebrities that are known for rocking the Ombré hair include Beyoncé, Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Nicole Kidman, and even Jared Leto. (Yes, guys! You can dabble in Ombré as well!) Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars did an amazing Ombré with shades of reddish pink. Some people even opt for a reverse Ombré like Blac Chyna. With icy blonde roots, her hair gradually went through shades of blue until the ends became a dark midnight color.

Think you need super long hair to wear the Ombré? Nope! Medium and short hairstyles can still benefit from the style. While the transitions won’t be quite as drastic, even a bob can be given this lovely transition. Vanessa Hudgens has been known to sport a shoulder-length Ombré with rich browns and honey blondes.

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