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Who Should Consider Hair Extensions?

Get your dream hair in one appointment – hair extensions by Salon Vibe Austin allow you to achieve longer, thicker, and more beautiful hair instantly! Our stylists are highly trained in the art of applying, maintaining and safely removing a multitude of hair extension types using the latest techniques. Whether your hair is too short, too thin, damaged, or you’re simply looking to revamp your color and style, Salon Vibe’s hair extension experts can help!

On the fence about extending your hair? Not really sure you’re the right fit? Think that hair extensions are only for others? We’ve heard it all before, and our stylists are only too happy to explain that anyone, anyone at all, can benefit from hair extensions. Here are just a few of the reasons that our clients come to us:

Length: One of the most common reasons for our clients to be curious about hair extensions is that they want longer, more luxurious hair, but their natural hair simply won’t grow any longer. Your hair will only reach a certain length, and for some of us, that’s not very long. Extensions can help.

Adding Color: Want to add a touch of color but don’t want to go through the full dye process? Extensions can add shades of vibrant color for a bold or subtle look. You get the unique look and style you demand without any sort of commitment. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of life were that simple?

Boosting Volume: Struggling with thin hair? Extensions aren’t just about length – they can also give you the thick, luxurious tresses you deserve. Our stylists will help you decide which weight extensions are best to achieve the thickness you want.

New Style: With extensions, you can easily change your hairstyle from day to day. Go from a braid to an intricate weave to a ponytail simply and easily, which makes them great for everything from a day at the beach to your engagement party.

Damaged Hair: Hair extensions can help to hide damaged hair, but they also don’t cause any additional damage, ensuring that you can achieve the look you want without split ends, frizz, or additional drying.

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