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Whether you want something dramatically different or just a little maintenance on your current style, Salon Vibe in Austin, TX is ready and waiting to provide.

Whenever you are looking to change your look and get a bit of a makeover, new hair is one of the most dramatic changes that you can make. However, if you are simply maintaining a particular style, you may be a bit confused about how often you should be seeing your hairstylist.

Well, the short answer is that it depends on your hair goals, your hairstyle, and what type of chemical processes you do to your hair. Keep in mind that the average head of hair grows about a half inch every four weeks, but that is the average! Some people will grow at a faster or slower rate.

Those that keep their hair long will still want to get regular haircuts even though the style may be easy to maintain. Long hair is older hair which makes it more fragile. This fragility makes it prone to breaking and splitting. Keeping your ends trimmed will keep your hair healthy and strong. You should be seeing your stylist at intervals of at least 12 weeks, although 8 would be ideal.

Medium length hair is not as old as long hair, but it still requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. If you have a very layered style, you will want to see your stylist at six-week intervals to keep your layers from blending. However, if you have a blunt style 8-12 week intervals may be appropriate.

In order to keep short hair looking fresh, you are going to need to be a regular with your stylist. Cuts like pixies require reshaping every four weeks, but if you have a style that is shaved or very closely cropped you may need to come in as often as every two weeks to keep your lines sharp.

Heavily processed hair will need to be seen more often no matter the length. Women that are dyeing, perming, or straightening will be prone to breakage and split ends. In addition to your regular haircut, you may need to add deep conditioning sessions for optimal hair health.

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