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Keep Your Lines Looking Sharp! We Offer Haircuts For Men Of All Ages

How you choose to wear your hair is a personal preference, and there is no one right or wrong style. Men may think that they don’t have as many choices for styles as women do, but there are plenty of different looks that men can pick. From Salon Vibe in Austin, TX, here is a list of some of the more common styles of men’s haircuts.

The buzz cut is instantly recognizable and has been a staple men’s style for decades. Some people call it the “military cut,” and it is a good choice for men that don’t want to spend any time styling. You can customize a buzz cut by adding a blurry fade, line ups, and different shaped edges.

Similar to the buzz cut is the crew cut. You have the same buzzed sides, but you get a little more hair up top. Some people choose to leave quite a bit of hair in the front to give them a little pomp, and others do a spikier look on top. You can also add blurry fades and different shaped edges to your buzz cut for even more style.

There is a particular form of crew cut called the Ivy League which invokes a very specific type of look. The hair on top is left long enough to part to one side or be worn brushed straight up. This look will require more styling than the buzz cut, or the shorter crew cut.

The Caesar haircut is a classic style that dates back to the Roman era. It is a shorter cut with textured bangs, and it looks great on most hair types. Men with thick or curly hair often opt for the Caesar. Plus, it is a good look for those that want to give fine hair the appearance of being thicker.

Those looking for something a little edgier may enjoy getting a Faux Hawk. This look is a textured crop with extra hair in the middle and top. It will definitely require a bit of product and extra styling time to each day, but it gives the wearer a stand-out style.

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